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    Drop-in Activities

    Seniors Open House Week

    Our drop-in activities are open to all members of the Centres and a drop-in fee applies. Activities run Monday to Friday at both Centres with later evening times on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at the Georgetown location.  Non-members are welcome to come out to evening programs and a non-member fee will be charged.  Here are a few of the programs we offer:

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    Our Activities

    Computer Classes
    The Centres offer sessions of Computer classes.  We offer Internet, E-mail, Skype, Facebook, etc.  Please contact the Centres to learn when the sessions run, the cost and dates.

    Technology Borrowing Program
    New!  Borrow an ipad, tablet or Daisy Reader before you buy!  Two week borrowing available for members at no cost. Just come in, fill out the Equipment Loan Form and get started. We also have laptops available to use at the Centre.  Just ask staff.

    Mah Jong
    This game originated in China.  It is commonly played by 4 players and is similar to the Western card game Rummy.  It is a game of skill, strategy and calculation.  You do not have to know how to play, just have the desire to learn

    Art Club
    This class is open to all aspiring artists.  They meet once a week to paint and mingle and also during the year they offer workshops on different techniques.

    Painting Class
    Build upon your current skills and learn new ones during this weekly painting class.  Guest instructors are brought in throughout the year.  Please note you must bring your own supplies and a project to work on.

    Movie Afternoons
    Come out and enjoy a movie and refreshments. We feature both new and old release movies or requests are always welcome.

    Bridge is a great card game and it provides immense challenge and enjoyment.  Bridge is more complicated than other card games and beginners can become discouraged, but relax, take your time and learn.  After that you will be well on your way to becoming a bridge player!

    Spanish Lessons
    You will acquire the basic vocabulary and grammar you need to engage in simple, informal conversations in Spanish.  You will build on your vocabulary and learn how to converse about everyday life.

    Book & Video Library
    We have an extensive library at the Centre and all books are available to borrow.  Hardcover books must be signed out.  We also have a great selection of DVD’s that are available and they must be signed out.

    Fun Drum Circle
    Join Alwyn Mitchell as he leads the group with drums and other drumming paraphernalia, i.e. kitchen bowls, etc. If you have ever wanted to try your hand at drumming here is your chance. Fridays at 10:00 am.

    Drop-in Activity Schedule

    Day Time Drop-In Program Location
      9:00 am Beginner Bridge Hillsview Georgetown
      9:15 am Darts Hillsview Acton
      9:00 am Carpet Bowling & Wood Carving Hillsview Georgetown
      1:00pm Carpet Bowling Hillsview Acton
      1:00 pm Bid Euchre | Travel Hillsview Georgetown
      1:00 pm LHIN Free Exercises Hillsview Acton
      1:00 pm Dominoes Hillsview Georgetown
    1st & 3rd Monday 1:00 pm Bingo Hillsview Georgetown
      9:00 am Crafts Hillsview Georgetown
    Last Tuesday Each Month 9:30 am Men's Breakfast Hillsview Acton
      11:00 am Sandwich Day(excluding July & August) Hillsview Georgetown
    1st Tuesday Each Month 12:00 pm Lunch & Learn Hillsview Acton
      1:00 pm Card Games & Bridge Hillsview Georgetown
      1:00 pm Movie (once a month) Hillsview Acton
      1:00 pm Table Tennis & Canasta Hillsview Georgetown
      1:30pm Presentations (Monthly) Hillsview Acton
      2:00pm Chess Hillsview Acton
    2nd & 4th Tuesday, 7:00 pm Bid Euchre Hillsview Georgetown
      10:00 am Mingle & Chat Hillsview Georgetown
      10:00 am Shuffleboard Hillsview Acton
      11:00 am Travel Hillsview Georgetown
      1:00pm Carpet Bowling Hillsview Acton
      1:00pm Mah Jong Hillsview Georgetown
      1:00 pm Drop-in Computer Hillsview Georgetown
      1:00 pm Euchre, & Art Club Hillsview Georgetown
      1:00 pm Painting Class Hillsview Acton
      7:00 pm Bridge Hillsview Georgetown
    1st Wednesday Each Month 7:00 pm Euchre Hillsview Acton
    4th Wednesday Each Month 7:00 pm Book Club Hillsview Acton
      10:00 am Canasta & Cribbage Hillsview Acton
      10:00 am Band Practice | Mah Jong Hillsview Georgetown
      10:00 am Papertole Hillsview Acton
      11:00 am Soup Lunch (Excluding July & August) Hillsview Georgetown
      1:00 am Pickleball Hillsview Georgetown
      1:00 pm LHIN Free Exercises Hillsview Georgetown
      1:00 pm Bid-Euchre Hillsview Acton
      1:00 pm Bridge Hillsview Acton
      1:00 pm Travel Desk Hillsview Georgetown
      1:00 pm Darts, Cribbage Hillsview Georgetown
      2:00 pm Afternoon Social Dance Hillsview Acton
      9:00 pm LHIN Free Exercises Hillsview Georgetown
      9:00 am Crafts & Carpet Bowling Hillsview Georgetown
      10:00 am Hiking Club Hillsview Acton
      10:00 am Fun Drum Circle Hillsview Georgetown
      12:00 pm Weekly Lunch Hillsview Acton
      12:30 pm Duplicate Bridge Hillsview Georgetown
      1:00 pm LHIN Free Exercises Hillsview Acton
      1:15 pm Bingo Hillsview Acton
    2 times per month 1:00 pm Toonie Movie Hillsview Georgetown
      2:00 pm Chess Hillsview Acton
    Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Billiards, Chess Hillsview Georgetown
      8:30 am to 4:30 pm Wii, Computers & Internet Hillsview Georgetown
      8:30 am to 4:30 pm Computers & Internet Hillsview Acton





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