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    Community Improvement Plan





    What is a Community Improvement Plan?

    A Community Improvement Plan (CIP) is a program that sets a framework for revitalization, redevelopment, or renewal of an area with financial incentives to help make those improvement happen.


    • to target areas in need of repair and rehabilitation
    • to facilitate and encourage positive community change
    • to stimulate private sector investment through municipal incentive programs


    On April 12, 2010, Halton Hills Council approved the Town of Halton Hills Comprehensive Community Improvement Plan (CIP). The Town of Halton Hills Comprehensive CIP identifies the entirety of the Town of Halton Hills as a Community Improvement Project Area and outlines incentive programs and municipal leadership strategies for the following eight sub-areas:

    1. Guelph Street (the Georgetown Community Node located along Guelph Street, generally between Maple Avenue and Sinclair Avenue);
    2. Downtown Georgetown;
    3. Downtown Acton;
    4. The Georgetown GO Station Lands,
    5. The South Acton Special Study Area (the former Beardmore Tannery lands) and other Brownfield sites;
    6. Agricultural/Rural Lands;
    7. Georgetown Industrial Park; and,
    8. Acton Industrial Park.

    On July 11, 2016, Council approved an Amendment to the Community Improvement Plan to provide more flexibility regarding the Brownfield Parkland Dedication Program, and to expand the Brownfield Parkland Dedication Program into more areas in the Town of Halton Hills.

    The Town’s Community Improvement Plan (CIP) is not due for review until 2019, however, there is an interest by local business owners whose businesses are not included within the geographical areas outlined in the CIP, to have the opportunity to participate in Community Improvement programs. Staff have been directed to review the CIP, and are proposing to introduce criteria to evaluate properties on a case by case basis with the intent to provide the opportunity for additional businesses to be eligible for some CIP programs. A report was brought before Corporate Affairs on July 4, 2017 proposing the approach outlined above (PI-2017-0078).

    Please review the Draft Amendment, and provide comments by October 13, 2017.

    The Statutory Public Meeting to obtain comments on the draft Community Improvement Plan Amendment is scheduled as follows:

    DATE: Monday September 25, 2017
    TIME: 6:45 P.M.
    LOCATION: Council Chambers, Civic Centre, 1 Halton Hills Dr., Halton Hills

    The Statutory Public Meeting Notice is available here.

    For more information please contact
    Tara Buonpensiero
    Senior Planner Policy
    Town of Halton Hills
    1 Halton Hills Drive
    Halton Hills ON L7G 5G2
    Email: Tara Buonpensiero
    Phone: 905-873-2601 ext. 2214

    PI-2017-0078 A Proposed Approach to Expand Applicability of Community Improvement Plan Programs
    PI-2016-0071 Community Improvement Plan Amendment – Recommendation Report
    PI-2016-0054 Community Improvement Plan Amendment – Statutory Public Meeting Report
    PDS-2010-0032 Town of Halton Hills Comprehensive Community Improvement Plan – Recommendation Report
    PDS-2010-0022 Town of Halton Hills Draft Comprehensive Community Improvement Plan – Statutory Public Meeting
    PDS-2010-0005 Proposed Comprehensive Town of Halton Hills Community Improvement Plan
    PDS-2009-0041 Proposed Community Improvement Strategy
    PD-2008-0031 Community Improvement Plan: Status Update


    Contact Us:

    Tara Buonpensiero
    Senior Planner Policy
    Town of Halton Hills
    1 Halton Hills Drive
    Halton Hills ON L7G 5G2
    Email: Tara Buonpensiero
    Phone: 905-873-2601 ext. 2214


    Doug Penrice
    Economic Development Officer
    Town of Halton Hills
    1 Halton Hills Drive
    Halton Hills ON L7G 5G2
    Email: Doug Penrice
    Phone: 905-873-2601 ext. 2343




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