The official website for the Town of Halton Hills Ontario Canada. Halton Hills includes Georgetown, Acton, Stewarttown, Glenwilliams, Norval, Hornby, Limehouse, and Terra Cotta. Get Municipal News, By-law Information, Sustainability Tips, Recreation Swimming/Skating Schedules and everything else you would need to know about living, visiting, doing business in Halton Hills Ontario.

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    Building Guides

    Building Services is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Building Code Act, and the Ontario Building Code. The primary purpose is the promotion of public safety through the application of appropriate uniform building standards. Building guides are a way for residents to understand the process and correct documentation required for each project.


      Guide to Farm Building

    This guide summarizes the list of requirements that must be fulfilled prior to the issuance of building permits for farm buildings.

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    Front Porch of House

      Two Unit Houses Registration Guide

    This guide is to outline the process of registering a two-unit house to legalizes its existence and ensure that the home complies with all applicable codes and standards.

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    Building Permit Appliction Guide

      Building Permit Application Guide

    The purpose of this guide is to assist the property owner with the process and documentation required in order to obtain a building permit.

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    Pool with Toy Floting

      Swimming Pool Owners Guide

    Important details of the requirements for a pool enclosure are included in this guide.

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    Deck attached to house

      Deck Building Permit Guide

    This guide is to assist the property owner with the process and documentation required in order to obtain a deck permit.

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    old house

      Grow-Op Response Protocol

    This guide outlines the Town of Halton Hills response protocol for premises that have been utilized for illegal cultivation of marijuana.

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