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    Active Developments Applications

    The Town of Halton Hills has a number of development applications that are active and under review across the municipality.  The locations of the active applications are shown on the Town’s interactive map and have been organized under four areas:

    If you are interested in a specific development and know its location/address, click on one of the applications listed below to direct you to its location on the Town’s interactive map.  The details of that specific application will be listed on the left side of the map screen.

    Alternatively, you can click on one of the maps below to view all of the active development applications within that area.  To find out information on a specific proposal click on a property/application highlighted on the map; the details of that application will appear in a pop-up window.  You can also choose “View Additional Details” on the pop-up window to view the details of that proposal on the left side of the map screen.

    This page only tracks active development applications from the time an application is filed with the Town until a decision has been made to approve or refuse the proposal and any conditions of approval have been satisfied.

    Detailed information provided for each application includes:

    • Type of application
    • Description of the application
    • Date the application was received by the Town
    • Current status of the application
    • Next steps for the application
    • Name and phone extension of the Planner handling the file

    Applications not included on the status list:

    • Minor Variances
    • Consents (Severances)
    • Niagara Escarpment Commission (NEC) Permits

    Please contact Planning and Development staff at extensions 2298 or 2377 if you have any inquiries on these applications.

    Development Applications:

    A glossary of terms identified in the development applications is available for your reference.

    Map of Georgetown



    Map ID Location File No. Description
    18 49 Commerce Crt. D11SPA11.005 Addition to existing industrial building
    21 125 McDonald Blvd. D12SUB12.001 108 townhouse unit subdivision
    37 12 Guelph St. D11SPA14.016 Gas station and convenience store
    91 340 Main St N D12SUB17.001 Industrial Subdivision
    96 340 Main St N D11SPA17.006 Proposed 150,000 Sq. Ft. Warehouse Distribution Centre
    103 12 Church St E D14ZBA17.002 & D11SPA17.01069 Condominium townhouses

    Map of Georgetown  Georgetown


    Map ID Location File No. Description
    14 251 Guelph St. D11SPA10.003 Office Building
    15 99 River Dr. D11 BAR Hotel and retail redevelopment
    16 99 River Dr. D09 BAR Hotel and retail redevelopment
    31 225 Halton Hills Dr. D11SPA14.004 8 storey seniors supportive living residence
    32 225 Halton Hills Dr. D11ZBA14.003H Remove Holding Provision to allow for a seniors residence
    34 North of 10 Side Rd., east of Eighth Line D11SPA14.013 Place of worship
    42 167 - 171 Mountainview Rd N D07CDM15.001 10 Unit Condominium Bungalofts
    45 3 Halton Hills Drive D14ZBA15.002, D12SUB15.001 Proposed Medium and High Density Residential and Open Space
    64 69-79 Main Street South & 94-98 Mill Street D09OPA15.003 & D14ZBA15.010 Proposed: Mixed-use residential/commercial – 10 storey terraced building
    77 82 Todd Rd D11SPA16.008 Proposed Approx. 8,600 Sq. Ft. Addition to the Rear of the Existing Industrial Building
    83 303 Armstrong Ave. D11SPA16.012 Masonic Temple
    84 42 Mill St. D11SPA16.013 High Density Residential Condominium Building
    85 42 Mill St. and 11 Dayfoot Dr. D09OPA16.001 & D14ZBA16.013 High Density Residential Condominium Building
    89 15 Princess Anne Dr. D11SPA17.001 New Municipal water supply pumphouse with an access driveway and raw watermain and expansion to the existing pumphouse.
    90 69-79 Main St. S. and 94-98 Mill St. D11SPA16.015 - McGibbon Condominium Ten (10) storey terraced building
    92 167-171 Mountainview Road N D11SPA17.003 2 Residential townhouse blocks of 4 units & 5 units respectively, organized as a condominium.
    97 221 Miller Dr D11SPA17.005 Freedom Mobile - Proposed 14.9m Telecommunication Tower
    99 1 Elgin St D11SPA17.007 Proposed Beer Manufacturing Facility
    100 120 Guelph St D11SPA17.009 One storey commercial building (medical office and retail)
    102 25 James St D09OPA17.002/D14ZBA17.003 6 townhouse dwelling units

    Map of Georgetown  401-407 Premier Gateway Business Park


    Map ID Location File No. Description
    5 10793 Steeles Ave. D12 Great Lands Corp Industrial development
    88 13850 Steeles Ave W D11SPA17.002 Expansion to commercial retail outlet centre
    93 7974 Sixth Line D11SPA17.004 Proposed New Municipal Transformer Station and Switchgear Building
    98 10862 Steeles Ave East D11SUB17.002 Industrial Draft Plan of Subdivision, as the means for Land Division into 5 Blocks

    Map of Georgetown  Rural Area


    (Includes Ashgrove, Bannockburn, Ballinafad, Crewson's Corners, Glen Williams, Henderson's Corners, Hornby, Limehouse, Norval, Silvercreek, Stewarttown and Terra Cotta)

    Map ID Location File No. Description
    2 13423 Highway 7 D12/24T-86022/H 8 single detached lot subdivision
    3 10672 Winston Churchill Blvd. D09/D12/D14, 24T-89011/H 23 single detached lot subdivision
    6 12519 Ninth Line D14, D12 11 single detached lot subdivision
    7 Vacant land at the end of Gamble St. D14ZBA08.004, D12SUB08.001 31 single detached lot subdivision
    12 Part of Lot 21, Concession 9 (Glen Williams) D14ZBA09.006, D12SUB09.001, (24T/09001/H) 32 single detached lot subdivision
    13 9646 Highway 7 D12SUB09.002, D14ZBA09.008 18 single detached lot subdivision
    23 9198 Sixth Line D11SPA13.005 Automotive Recycling
    33 11410 Trafalgar Rd. D11SPA14.007 Gas station and convenience store
    55 13394 Highway 7 D11SPA13.004.RV1 Revision to proposed Self Storage Facility
    101 13394 Highway 7 D11SPA13.004 RV2 Self-Storage Expansion


    A comprehensive list of all development applications currently under review in the Town of Halton Hills is available.



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