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    Site Alterations

    The Town of Halton Hills’ Site Alteration By-law 2017-0040 was enacted to control site alteration activities within the Town, including:

    • Placing or dumping of fill.
    • The removal of topsoil.
    • Alteration of the grade of land.

    The Bylaw was created to:

    • Protect the roads, ditches, culverts, boulevards and storm water drainage patterns from damages caused by fill being hauled into and within the Town of Halton Hills boundaries.
    • Control the hours of operation, haul routes and the volume of soils being imported into the area.

    Town of Halton Hills reviews the permits and identifies whether they:

    • Maintain appropriate drainage patterns.
    • Limits damage or interference with drainage or water bodies.
    • Maintain water quality.
    • Protect natural heritage features (wetlands, escarpment, etc.)
    • Prevent erosion and sedimentation.
    • Prevent the use of hazardous or improper fill.
    • Erosion and sedimentation is prevented.
    • Take the natural topography, soils, and vegetation into consideration.

    Site Alteration By-law 2017-0040
    Site Alteration Schedule (Permit Application Only)

    The Site Alteration Committee works closely with residents, homeowners, entrepreneurs and farmers of Halton Hills to assist them in fully understanding the ramification of altering their properties. Property owners are encouraged to seek the Town of Halton Hills assistance and expertise before beginning a site alteration.



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