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    What is a Roundabout?Roundabout

    • An intersection where all traffic circulates in a counterclockwise direction, to the right of a central island.
    • All entering vehicles must yield to traffic already in the roundabout.
    • All vehicles must yield to pedestrians at designated crosswalks.



    • Danby Road & Barber Drive (East)
    • Danby Road & Barber Drive (West)


    Why do we have Roundabouts?

    • They reduce speeds:
      • Motorists must lower speeds to navigate through a roundabout.
    • They improve safety:
      • Roundabouts reduce the number of vehicle conflict points and cause motorists to reduce their speeds.
      • Reduces severity of collisions due to lower speeds and the reduction of right-angle and head-on type collisions.
      • Increase pedestrian safety through shorter crossing distances.
    • They reduce traffic delays and improve traffic flow:
      • Several motorists can use the roundabout at once.
      • There are fewer stops as cars yield at entry points and are continuously moving.
      • A high volume of left turning vehicles is better handled by a roundabout than a traffic signal or a gap in road traffic.
    • They reduce pollution:
      • Reduced delays result in reduced fuel consumption.
      • Reduced emissions result in improved air quality.
    • They reduce maintenance costs:
      • The roundabout eliminates maintenance and electricity costs associated with traffic signals.


    How do I use a roundabout?

    Please view the following video:

    For more information, please visit the Halton Region or Ontario Ministry of Transportation sites.



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