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    Winter Maintenance

    Salting and Sanding

    Pre-Wetting Technology

    What is it?

    • The process of wetting salt with salt brine* before spreading salt on the roadway.
    • Is applied prior to a snow storm.
    • This process is done within the truck. All trucks are equipped with this technology.

    Why we do this?

    • Wet salt reduces it’s bounce, and helps it to adhere to the road.
    • Wetting the salt prior to its landing on the road helps the salt to melt quicker. Since the salt dissolves faster, the snow and ice will also melt quicker.

    *Salt Brine: A salt water solution composed of Rock salt and water.

    DLA (Direct Liquid Application)

    What is it?

    • A Pilot Project planned for the winter of 2014/2015
    • Spraying anti icing solutions directly on the roads surface.

    Why we do this?

    • Works immediately
    • Prevents the accumulation of black ice, frost, and packed snow.
    • Acts like a barrier between the road and snow/ice.


    • Sand is usually applied on hills, curves, and intersections in residential and rural areas when required.
    • Continuous sanding will only be carried out during freezing rain or ice packed conditions.



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