Shop Local Newsletter to MerchantsHalton Hills Shop Local

Purpose of the Campaign:  To educate our residents to try local businesses first! To date the Shop Local Team has circulated our message in the local press, on websites, by emails and other printed materials. 

Get Involved and help us encourage Halton Hills' residents to "Shop Smart...Shop Halton Hills".  Help us make shopping in Halton Hills rewarding!

Shop Local Ideas for Promotion
 We want your participation, so here are a number of ideas for you: 

  • discounts for local consumers
  • cooperative advertising with other businesses in the same area
  • family referrals
  • referrals to complimentary merchants eg. Flower store with jewellery store, restaurant with theatre, car dealer with car wash
  • special local features
  • customer testimonials


Other ideas include:

Shop Local Blog - have residents speak openly about their shopping habits.

Eat Local Challenge- Spend two weeks eating locally (and to compare the taste and price of locally grown food to stuff grown over 1,500 miles away)

Shift  to “Local First” Gear - Even modest changes in our spending choices can have a big impact on our local economies. If everyone in the Town of Halton Hills shifted just 10% of their spending that they make outside of the community it would generate new economic activity for the town and new jobs.  One community actually had an on-line pledge sheet.

Loyalty Discounts - Shoppers receive a discount for shopping regularly at independent shops can provide a good incentive for people to change their shopping habits

Promotion Day and/or Week - Focus on highlighting the special services provided by local shops for example it could involve tastings of special locally made products
Survey - conduct surveys on your customers shopping habits - have draws and incentives for them to participate
Do the math with your gas - Campaign that focuses on the cost of gas and time just to get something at slightly lesser prices.  Awareness about putting the total cost of transportation in with the cost of the item(s) - keep the gas cost down by shopping locally

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