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    Winter Maintenance

    Snow Plow Routes

    Halton Hills Snow PlowThe Town of Halton Hills Public Works staff works hard to clean, maintain, and provide safe routes of travel during the winter over our 950 km of roads.
    Public Works staff applies salt, sand or a salt solution to Town streets. See Salting & Sanding.

    Snow Plowing

    • Snow plow routes are determined and laid out according to traffic patterns and in accordance with accepted Town of Halton Hills Council policies.
    • All roads are cleared after every major storm.
    • Residents should note that Town staff has the added responsibility of clearing the Region roads in Halton Hills.
    • While we do not discourage residents from calling to inquire when their road will be plowed, we are asking for their patience as we work on clearing roads.

    Priority 1 - Main Arterial Roads

    • Main routes are our first priority.

    Some examples of main or arterial roads:

    Georgetown Acton
    • Mountainview Rd
    • Guelph St
    • Trafalgar Rd
    • 15 Sideroad
    • Main St
    • Mill St


    Priority 2 - Collector Roads

    • Side streets that feed into the arterial roads.
    • Even though these roads may be well travelled, they may not be designated Snow Routes.
    • It’s best to park off these roads where possible so that the snow plows and snow clearing equipment can clear them more effectively.

    Some examples of collector roads are:

    Georgetown Acton
    • Argyll Rd
    • Danby  Rd
    • Delrex Blvd
    • Acton Blvd
    • Tanners Dr


    Priority 3 - Residential and Rural Roads

    • The last to be cleared of snow.
    • This will start after main arterial and collector roads are cleared of snow and ice.
    • Clearing main routes and side streets take a lot of time, so we ask your patience in getting your neighbourhood street cleared.

    Some examples of residential and rural roads are:

    Georgetown Acton Rural
    • Berton Blvd
    • Weber Dr
    • Bowman St
    • Peel St
    • Rosemary Dr
    • Tidey Ave
    • Fifth Line
    • Dublin Line
    • Abbitt Cres
    1. If a snow plow is stopped, keep back a minimum of 15 metres so the operator can see your vehicle.

    2. Give snow plows plenty of room and do not pass.

    3. Snow plows leave a pile of snow on your driveway when they pass. These are called windrows. To reduce the windrow in your driveway, clear snow towards the right side of the driveway (facing the street).

    4. Do not let children climb snow banks as they could slip off into the path of oncoming traffic.

    5. Do not let children from tunnels into snow banks as the snow may collapse or be pushed down by plow equipment during clearing operations.

    6. Please check that catch basins, culverts and fire hydrants are not blocked. This will ensure proper drainage when snow melts, and will provide fire fighters with a clear path to the hydrant in case of emergency.

    7. Do not place or push snow or ice onto roadways. This is against the Town's Highway Encumbrance By-law No. 90-68, and Fouling and Encumbering of Public Roads  By-law 2006-0054 , and will result in a fine.

    Pre-Wetting Technology

    What is it?

    • The process of wetting salt with salt brine* before spreading salt on the roadway.
    • Is applied prior to a snow storm.
    • This process is done within the truck. All trucks are equipped with this technology.

    Why we do this?

    • Wet salt reduces it’s bounce, and helps it to adhere to the road.
    • Wetting the salt prior to its landing on the road helps the salt to melt quicker. Since the salt dissolves faster, the snow and ice will also melt quicker.

    *Salt Brine: A salt water solution composed of Rock salt and water.

    DLA (Direct Liquid Application)

    What is it?

    • A Pilot Project planned for the winter of 2014/2015
    • Spraying anti icing solutions directly on the roads surface.

    Why we do this?

    • Works immediately
    • Prevents the accumulation of black ice, frost, and packed snow.
    • Acts like a barrier between the road and snow/ice.


    • Sand is usually applied on hills, curves, and intersections in residential and rural areas when required.
    • Continuous sanding will only be carried out during freezing rain or ice packed conditions.

    What we do?

    • Sidewalk PlowThe list of sidewalks that are regulated to be plowed can be found in By-Law No. 2010-0093.
    • A specialized piece of equipment clears the snow from those sidewalks on the approved list only.
    • Snow is removed from sidewalks on arterial and collector roads, and streets with schools adjacent.


    • By-law No. 2008-0137 states that an owner of a property containing a multiple dwelling, commercial, industrial, or institutional facility  are required to clear snow and ice from sidewalks 24 hours after snowfall.
    • By-law No. 2008-0137 also states that property owners of single-family homes are encouraged to clear sidewalks so that persons using wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, strollers, etc. can use the sidewalk safely.
    • If you cannot clear your own sidewalk due to health or mobility issues, please call Links2Care.These services are provided by a pre-screened, reliable Home Maintenance Worker at an affordable cost.
      • Georgetown: 905-873-6502
      • Acton: 519-853-3310

    Please clear your sidewalks for the safety of all.

    Residents should be aware, that there is a parking by-law on most streets in Halton Hills, which prohibits parking from 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. from November 15th to April 15th.  For more information regarding parking and enforcement, visit the Town’s website at

    • The Town does not have a snow clearing program for seniors or citizens with disabilities.
    • Seniors and adults with disabilities in Halton Hills who do not have any able-bodied persons under the age of 65 years living in the same residence can call Links2Care.
    • These services are provided by a pre-screened, reliable Home Maintenance Worker and will be covered by the homeowner’s expense.




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