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    Community Sustainability Strategy

    Become a Partner

    Sustainability PartnersYou are invited to partner with the Town of Halton Hills and the community in helping to shape the future of our community – a future that will be characterized by a higher quality of life.  To reach this goal we will need to focus on the four ‘pillars’ that strengthen our community: cultural vibrancy, economic prosperity, environmental health and social wellbeing. 

    Whether you, or your organization, community group or business is interested in sports and recreation; social services; arts, culture and heritage; economic and community planning matters; the health of our natural environment or anything in between, consider becoming a Partner in the Strategy’s implementation.  It’s easy and free!  You will receive recognition and an attractive decal to promote your partnership.

    Success will require the effort of our entire community. Residents, businesses, institutions, as well as the Town, all have a role in the Strategy’s  implementation. To partner with the Town in the Strategy's implementation, please contact the Office of Sustainability:

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    Browse the Strategy’s Implementation Action Plan

    Jennifer Spence
    Sustainability Outreach Officr
    Town of Halton Hills
    1 Halton Hills Drive
    Halton Hills ON L7G 5G2
    Email: Jennifer Spence
    Phone: 905-873-2601 ext. 2290


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