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    Dedication Programs

    Grass with Wather Vapors

    Town of Halton Hills offers a number of community wide opportunities to commemorate life's most precious moments. Celebrate births, weddings and anniversaries, pay tribute to the life of a loved one, or recognize company service, all while enhancing the community.

    Dedication Programs

    Tree Dedications
    Bench Dedications
    Cemetery (Vase) Dedications


    Halton Hills Cemeteries Guide

      Tree Dedications

    Download the Tree Dedication Request Form (pdf)

    Honour life's special moments with a living tribute through the Tree Dedication Program. A visual metaphor of growth and strength is captured as your tree plants its roots and matures throughout the seasons.

    Tree Dedications continue to enrich the community by creating shade in parks, improving air and water quality and providing food and shelter for local wildlife.

    Personalized bronze memorial plaques are also available to accompany your tree.

    Commemorate a moment or a lifetime while making Halton Hills a more beautiful place to visit and live. Tree Dedications are planted in the Spring or Fall and can be planted in any Town of Halton Hills park* or cemetery. If your preferred location is not available, an alternate site will be discussed with you.

    For more information about Tree Dedications, please contact the
    Landscape Architect, Recreation & Parks at 905.873.2601 ext. 2280 or email us


    Common Name Mature Height/Width Foliage Colour Fall Colour Special Features
    Basswood 25m/13m Dark Green Yellow White spring flowers, Heart shaped leaves
    Royalty Crab Apple 5m/5m Dark Purple Purple Crimson flowers, Dark red fruit
    Douglas Fir 25m/6m Dark Green - Soft foliage
    Ironwood 12m/8m Green Yellow Native, Provides bird habitat
    Ivory Silk Lilac Tree 7m/5m Dark Green - Large white flower clusters in July
    Red Maple 13m/13m Green Yellow to Red Native, Red flowers in spring
    Silver Maple 19m/15m Green Yellow Native, Leaves have silvery underside
    Sugar Maple 22m/15m Green Yellow/Orange/Red Native, Striking fall colour
    White Pine 25m/12m Green - Native, Fast Growing
    Red Oak 25m/17m Dark Green Bright Red Native, Striking fall colour
    White Oak 25m/20m Dark Green Wine Red Native, Striking fall colour
    Serviceberry 7m/3m Green Golden Orange Native, Profusion of white flowers
    White Spruce 20m/6m Light Green - Fast growing, Attractive pyramidal shape


    Fairview Cemetery

      Bench Dedications

    Download the Bench Dedication Request Form (pdf)

    Create a special place in a park, trail or cemetery to sit and enjoy the landscapes of Halton Hills. A unique way to show appreciation; bench dedications provide opportunities for corporate recognition from community support to employee service.

    Personalized bronze memorial plaques are also available to accompany your bench.

    For more information about Bench Dedications, please contact the
    Landscape Architect, Recreation & Parks at 905.873.2601 ext. 2280 or email us


    Three Bench Types
    Backless bench Bench with back Black iron bench with back
    * Excluding Remembrance Park.  


    Cemetery Vase Dedication

      Cemetery (Vase) Dedications

    Download the Cemetery (Vase) Dedication Request Form (pdf)

    The Cemetery Dedication Program provides the opportunity to create a lasting tribute recognizing the life of friends and family.

    Commemorative vases and plaques can be placed at the Reflection Garden in Greenwood Cemetery, or can accompany a columbarium niche.
    Memorial vases offer a location for the placement of fresh cut flowers and a short inscription around the base.

    Personalized bronze plaques are also available to accompany your
    memorial dedication.

    For more information about Cemetery Dedications please contact the Cemetery Coordinator at 905.873.2601 ext. 2281 or email us



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