The official website for the Town of Halton Hills Ontario Canada. Halton Hills includes Georgetown, Acton, Stewarttown, Glenwilliams, Norval, Hornby, Limehouse, and Terra Cotta. Get Municipal News, By-law Information, Sustainability Tips, Recreation Swimming/Skating Schedules and everything else you would need to know about living, visiting, doing business in Halton Hills Ontario.

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    Town of Halton Hills Ward 3

    Regional Councillor Ward 3:

    Jane Fogal Jane Fogal
    Regional Councillor
    Wards 3 & 4

    Tel: 905-877-5806
    or 905-873-2074
    Fax: 905-873-1431


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    Ward 3 Councillors:

    Moya Johnson Moya Johnson
    Ward 3 Councillor

    Tel: 905-877-3755

    Cogeco E-mail

    David Kentner David Kentner
    Ward 3 Councillor

    Tel: 905-877-6710
    Fax: 905-877-2543

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    Ward 3 Street List:

    13011-13893 15 Side Road (odd numbers only)
    Academy Road
    Albert Street, Georgetown
    Alcott Drive
    Allen Road
    Alley Street
    Anderson Court
    Ann Street
    Apple Blossom Crescent
    Arborglen Drive
    Arletta Street
    5-93 Armstrong Avenue (odd numbers only)
    12-60 Armstrong Avenue (even numbers only)
    Atwood Avenue
    Back Street
    Bairstow Crescent
    Banting Road
    Bard Lane
    Barnes Crescent
    Batiste Trail
    Beacon Gate
    Belmont Boulevard
    Berton Boulevard
    Beverly Lane
    Bradley Drive
    Brian Lane
    Brucewood Road
    Byron Street
    Callaghan Crescent
    Calvert Drive
    Campbell Gate
    Carnaby Lane
    Carole Street
    Caroline Street
    Carruthers Road
    Casa Court
    Cedarvale Court
    Chantelay Crescent
    Chapel Street
    Charity Lane
    Charles Street
    Cherry Street
    Chipper Court
    Church Street, Georgetown
    Churchill Crescent
    Cindebarke Terrace
    Cleaveholm Drive
    College Street
    Corey Circle
    Costigan Court
    Cotswold Court
    Cromar Court
    Cross Street
    Dale Gate
    Daniela Court
    Dayfoot Drive
    8-174 Delrex Boulevard (even numbers only)
    5-173 Delrex Boulevard (odd numbers only)
    Dominion Gardens Drive
    Draper Street, Georgetown
    Dufferin Street
    Durham Street
    Edith Street
    Edward Street
    Edwin Lane
    10994 & 10996 Eighth Line only
    Eleanor Crescent
    Elena Court
    Elgin Street, Georgetown
    Elizabeth Street, Georgetown
    Emery Street
    Evans Place
    Ewing Street
    Gamble Street
    Gardiner Drive
    George Street, Georgetown
    Gibbons Place
    Gilmer Court
    Glen Road
    Gray Gate
    Grey Owl Run
    Grist Mill Drive
    1-259 Guelph Street, Georgetown (odd numbers only)
    2-310 Guelph Street, Georgeotown (even numbers only)
    Hale Drive
    Halton Hills Drive
    Harding Street
    Harold Street
    Heather Court
    Henry Street
    Herb Wild Street
    Hewson Crescent
    13758 & 13764 Highway 7 only
    Hillside Drive
    Hyde Park Drive


    Hyland Avenue
    James Street, Georgetown
    Janet Court
    Jason Crescent
    Jersey Lane
    John Street, Georgetown
    Johnson Crescent
    Joseph Street, Georgetown
    Joycelyn Crescent
    Keats Avenue
    Kennedy Street
    King Street
    Lamb Street
    Lane Court
    Lawlor Street Lilac Lane
    Lindsay Court
    Logan Court
    Lorne Street
    Lynden Circle
    Lyons Court
    Mackenzie Drive
    Main Street North, Georgetown
    Main Street South, Georgetown
    Maple Avenue
    Maple Avenue East
    Margaret Street
    Market Street
    Mary Street, Georgetown
    Mcclure Court
    Mccullough Crescent
    Mcgilvray Crescent
    Mcintyre Crescent
    Mcnabb Street
    Mcnally Street
    Meadowglen Boulevard
    Mill Street, Georgetown
    Moore Park Crescent
    Morris Street
    Mountainview Road North
    2-20 Mountainview Road South (even numbers only)
    23 Mountainview Road South only
    Mowat Crescent
    Munro Circle
    Murdock Street
    Newman Place
    Noble Court
    Normandy Boulevard
    North Ridge Crescent
    Norton Crescent
    Ontario Street
    Orchard Boulevard
    Ostrander Boulevard
    Palomino Trail
    Park Avenue, Georgetown
    Parkview Boulevard
    Pauline Street
    Pine Valley Trail
    Poets Path
    Prince Charles Drive
    Princess Anne Drive
    Promenade Trail
    Queen Street, Georgetown
    Reid Court
    Renfrew Lane
    7-151 Rexway Drive (odd numbers only)
    6-154 Rexway Drive (even numbers only)
    River Drive, Georgetown
    Riverview Crescent
    Robert Lane
    Rosetta Street
    Rosset Valley Court
    Ruddell Crescent
    Ryan Road
    Saint Michaels Street
    Sarah Street
    8-94 Sargent Road (even numbers only)
    11-117 Sargent Road (odd numbers only)
    Seed House Lane
    Shelley Street
    35-99 Sinclair Avenue (odd numbers only)
    Stewart Maclaren Road
    Stonebrook Crescent
    Sumach Trail
    Sutcliff Lane
    Temple Road
    Terry Court
    Tiffany Lane
    Todd Road
    11033-11801 Trafalgar Road (odd numbers only)
    Union Street
    Uplands Court
    Valley View Road
    Victoria Street
    Wesleyan Street
    William Street
    Willoughby Way
    Windsor Road
    Wylie Circle




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