The official website for the Town of Halton Hills Ontario Canada. Halton Hills includes Georgetown, Acton, Stewarttown, Glenwilliams, Norval, Hornby, Limehouse, and Terra Cotta. Get Municipal News, By-law Information, Sustainability Tips, Recreation Swimming/Skating Schedules and everything else you would need to know about living, visiting, doing business in Halton Hills Ontario.

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    Town of Halton Hills Ward 4

    Regional Councillor Ward 4:

    Jane Fogal Jane Fogal
    Regional Councillor
    Wards 3 & 4

    Tel: 905-877-5806
    or 905-873-2074
    Fax: 905-873-1431


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    Ward 4 Councillors:

    Bob Inglis Bob Inglis
    Ward 4 Councillor

    Tel: 905-873-9124

    Ann Lawlor Ann Lawlor
    Ward 4 Councillor

    Tel: 905-877-5662

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    Ward 4 Street List:

    14007-15651 10 Side Road (odd numbers only)
    Airedale Court
    Argyll Road
    96-150 Armstrong Avenue (even numbers only)
    211-317 Armstrong Avenue (odd numbers only)
    Bain Court
    Ballantine Drive
    Baylor Crescent
    Barber Drive
    Beaumont Court
    Bowman Street
    Chaplin Crescent
    Chelvin Drive
    Chester Crescent
    Chetholme Place
    Comset Gate
    Craig Crescent
    Crombie Place
    Curry Crescent
    Danby Road
    Danridge Crescent
    Davis Crescent
    Dawson Crescent
    Delma Court
    178-460 Delrex Boulevard (even numbers only)
    177-443 Delrex Boulevard (odd numbers only)
    Diamond Leaf Lane
    Donaghedy Drive
    Duffel Crescent
    Duncan Drive
    Eagleview Way
    Early Street
    Eaton Street
    Eden Place
    10241-10759 Eighth Line (odd numbers only)
    Elderberry Gate
    Emslie Street
    Fagan Drive
    Faludon Drive
    Flamingo Court
    Forsyth Crescent
    Foxtail Court
    Gairey Drive
    Garnet Drive
    Garrison Square
    Goldham Way
    Gollop Crescent
    Gooderham Drive
    Gower Court
    Gower Road
    Greystone Crescent
    263-399 Guelph Street, Georgetown (odd numbers only)
    314-400 Guelph Street, Georgetown (even numbers only)
    Hall Road
    Hamilton Crescent
    Harley Avenue
    Harriet Street
    Harrop Avenue
    Hartwell Road
    Hawks Place
    Hepburn Crescent
    Heslop Court
    Huffmann Drive
    Irwin Crescent
    James Young Drive
    Jessop Court
    Jolana Crescent
    Kay Lane

    Killaloe Crescent
    La Roche Avenue
    Langstone Crescent
    Lauchlin Crescent
    Lewis Street
    Lookout Court
    Lucinda Place
    Marilyn Crescent
    May Street
    Mcfarlane Drive
    Mckinnon Avenue
    Meadowlark Drive
    Metcalfe Court
    Milfoil Street
    Miller Drive
    Monarch Drive
    Morden Neilson Way
    Morningside Drive
    Moultrey Crescent
    46-178 Mountainview Road South (even numbers only)
    89-373 Mountainview Road South (odd numbers only)
    Mull Gate
    Nazer Street
    Niagara Trail
    Nixon Crescent
    Oak Street
    Orchid Avenue
    Palmer Court
    Pennington Crescent
    Pomeroy Court
    Preston Street
    Raylawn Crescent
    Regan Crescent
    Resource Road
    158-194 Rexway Drive (even numbers only)
    161-183 Rexway Drive (odd numbers only)
    Roane Avenue
    Robina Avenue
    Robinson Road
    Rosefield Drive
    Roydon Place
    Russell Street
    Samuel Crescent
    11-117 Sargent Road (odd numbers only)
    Serenity Street
    Sherman Court
    Silver Pond Drive
    Sims Gate
    100-220 Sinclair Avenue (even numbers only)
    Smith Drive
    Snowberry Crescent
    Split Maple Lane
    Standish Street
    Stevens Crescent
    Stockman Crescent
    Stone Street
    Summit Lane
    10066-10248 Tenth Line (even numbers only)
    Torino Gate
    Treanor Crescent
    View Point Circle
    Watson Road
    Weber Drive
    Webster Way
    West Branch Drive
    Wildflower Lane
    Wilson Court
    Woodcote Crescent




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