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    Community Covenant

    Community Covenant

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    The Town of Halton Hills community supports Veterans and their families by affirming the willingness and commitment to maintaining an actively supportive environment through partnerships, organizations, programs, and services where Veterans and their families will be recognized, engage and have their specific needs met. The signed Community Covenant document can be seen here.

    Guiding Principles:

    • Work together to provide a healthy, vibrant and safe community for our Veterans
    • Build on community programs that benefit Veterans and their families
    • Strengthen and connect community partnerships and resources
    • Celebrate and recognize Veteran contributions to the community
    • Lead and promote community initiatives and events that support Veterans and leave lasting memories in the community
    • Establish and measure support to determine community gaps
    • Preserve and invest in our heritage and community history
    • Educate and inform the Community about Veteran contributions



    Meet a local Veteran

    Lorne Hunter

      Lorne Hunter Nov 13 1923 to July 10 2017

    We are honoured to profile Veteran Lorne Hunter of the Town of Halton Hills.

    In 1939 when World War II was declared, Lorne attended Georgetown & District High School. "I remember our science teacher coming into the class and telling us." Lorne says. He recalls it not meaning much to him at the time. He watched his teacher cry not understanding the magnitude of her memories living through World War I.  Lorne's day after the school bell rang was pretty full delivering milk and, then off to the woollen mill, and then the paper mill. In those days there were no choices when it came to joining the service. If you did not sign up by the time you were 19 years old - they came looking for you!  Lorne signed up for active service; and with that … his war story began.

    Lorne served in the Army during World War II from 1942 to 1946. He was sent overseas and based in Horley and Hythe, England. Following D-Day Lorne served in France, Belgium, Holland, and Germany. In England, Lorne earned his lance corporal stripe after completing the Technical & Departmental Storeman program with high marks. Lorne describes his experience during the war as quite extraordinary - although he would not choose to relive all of his experiences, he learned a lot from the responsibility he was given to serve his country.  "I worked with David Slater who, after the war, became the Dean of York University, and then a government minister ! " he says with pride.

    Lorne HunterMost of Lorne's memories describe hard work and long days with little sleep. After France he went on to Belgium and Holland. Ironically a country school in Holland is where he found refuge on one mission and celebrated his 21st Birthday; but instead of delivering milk and working in the mills; Lorne was ordering gum rubber boots and leather jerkins in preparation for very cold days ahead!

    After Germany surrendered in 1945 Lorne's final job was assisting in the dispersal of all the trucks, jeeps, motorcycles, trailers and other war vehicles.

    In January of 1946 Lorne sailed from Halifax, Nova Scotia back to to Union Street in Ontario. He was one of the thankful ones who reunited with his family in Halton Hills. Lorne is described as "a man with a very sharp mind" and just recently received two commemorative medals from the French Government and Canadian Veteran's Affairs.

    Services for Veterans and their families







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