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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Activan Accessible Transit

    1. What happens if I miss my ride?
    2. Why am I charged for a “no-show” or late cancellation?
    3. What if my ride does not show up?
    4. What if my ActiVan registration has been suspended?


    What happens if I miss my ride?

    If the ActiVan vehicle arrived at your pickup location when you were not there, your ride will be considered a “no-show” and you will owe for that fare. If you still require a ride, call the ActiVan booking office. It may take up to three hours to dispatch another available vehicle.

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    Why am I charged for a “no-show” or late cancellation?

    We do understand there are circumstances in which late cancellations are inevitable. However, we need everyone’s cooperation for our service to run smoothly. When you cancel, are late or a “no-show”, there are clients who could have used your ride that could not be accommodated.

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      What if my ride does not show up?

      Please contact the ActiVan booking office if your ride has not arrived after the 20 minute pickup window has passed.

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      What if my ActiVan registration has been suspended?

      Activan policies will be addressed through written warnings prior to discontinuing use of the program. If your privileges have been suspended you may mail in a written appeal to the Appeals Committee for review. All appeal requests can be mailed to:

      ActiVan Services
      ATT: Appeals Committee
      1 Halton Hills Drive
      Georgetown Ontario
      L7G 5G2

      Once your appeal has been reviewed by the committee, you will then be given an appointment time to appeal your case in front of committee members. Continuation of your registration will be based on the decision of the Appeals Committee members.

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