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    Fire Safety & Prevention

    Deputy Chief of Prevention & Public Education Message

    Welcome to our website.  The most important defence in preventing fires is fire safety education. I sincerely hope your visit is informative and more importantly educational with respect to fire safety.  Your knowledge of fire safety information will help prevent future fires and keep you, your family and our community safe from the ravages of fire.

    In 1997 the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, shifted the focus of the fire service to place a priority on fire prevention and public education.  It is now mandatory that each fire department provide fire prevention and public education activities. While as a service we will continue to have manpower available to extinguish a fire, our primary focus is now prevention and public education. 

    Inspection staff are involved with pro-active inspections of our many community occupancies to ensure that these occupancies are safe from fire hazards. Other prevention and public education activities are also part of their responsibilities. 

    Our Public Education Division is responsible for many fire safety education programs for all ages of our community.  I am particularly proud of our Risk Watch program for elementary school aged children and our Community Safety Guide.  Whether it is fire safety for children or fire safety for seniors our Public Education Division have a training program or a pamphlet for you.

    Please browse our website and check out the various programs and fire safety information we have to offer.   Any comments or ideas for our website are appreciated and can be forwarded to my attention.

    Thank you for visiting our website.

    Harry Olivieri
    Deputy Chief of Prevention & Public Education,
    Harry Olivieri



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