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    Fire Chief's Message

    Fire Chief De HoogeOn behalf of the men and women of the Halton Hills Fire Department who proudly serve our community, welcome to our HHFD home page.  We hope that you find the links to programs, services and opportunities helpful.

    Emergencies can strike anytime and anywhere.  While you can depend on our team of dedicated professional career and part time firefighters to respond quickly to mitigate the impacts of the emergency, you too have a role to play in ensuring the wellbeing of you and your loved ones.  HHFD along with many Ontario fire services, adopted three lines of defence that are essential to protecting lives and property: Public Fire Safety Education, Fire Safety Standards/Enforcement and Emergency Response.

    Public Fire Safety Education includes; programs that provide residents of all demographics with information on how to protect you, your home, family, co-workers and our community on a day-to-day basis.  Risk Watch, Learn Not to Burn, Older and Wiser, and TAPP-C are some of the internationally recognized targeted programs delivered by our prevention staff.  Additional life safety programs provide instruction in the use of portable fire extinguishers, design and maintenance of emergency plans, operation of fire safety and suppression systems as well as a host of other safety topics.

    Fire Safety Standards/Enforcement includes; fire safety inspections, Fire Code enforcement, new building plans examination and emergency planning.

    Emergency Response includes; fire suppression, extrication and other operations such as water/ice rescue, emergency medical response, hazardous materials operations and emergency incident management.  Our fire fighters maintain a broad range of skills that equip us to respond to any and all hazards in our community, whether natural or human caused.

    Our firefighters take the HHFD Mission; “to provide fire protection and prevention services to protect our community and enhance life safety” seriously.  Constant training ensures they are ready to face the hazards associated with the next emergency.  They serve with honour, compassion and integrity, often making personal sacrifices for the protection and good of our community.  While always at the ready to respond to emergencies, many take leadership roles in delivering prevention, public education and in-service training programs while others carry our inspections and apparatus/equipment maintenance.

    As your Fire Chief, I couldn’t be prouder of our HHFD team and hope that you too, share that same sense of pride.  Working together, working for you, we can all fulfill our role in keeping our community safe.

    If you would like further information or non-emergency assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 905-877-1133.



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