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    Fire Services & Emergency Planning Committee


    Be pro-active in enhancing and maintaining the Fire Service Master Plan as a living document mapping the strategic policy direction of the Halton Hills Fire Department to enable administrative staff to create, implement and administer programs to ensure the safety and well being of our community.


    1. The Mayor will appoint members of Council to serve on the Fire Services and Emergency Planning Committee during each term of Council.
    2. The Committee will select a Chairperson from among their members.
    3. The Chairperson will ensure the Committee meets at least quarterly.
    4. The Committee will review the Fire Service Master Plan annually and recommend to Council, any amendment deemed necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of the Community.

    Staff Advisors:

    1. Staff advisors to the Fire Services and Emergency Planning Committee will include the Chief Administrative Officer and the Fire Chief.
    2. The Fire Chief may appoint additional staff members deemed appropriate to serve as advisors to Fire Services Emergency Planning Committee.
    3. The Fire Chief will ensure progress in implementation of the Plan is monitored on an on-going basis and will report to the Committee upon request from the Chairperson and at least once annually.


    The Fire Service Master Plan is a dynamic document built on the rich history and proud tradition left by those who have gone before making our community a safe and desirable place to live and work. The Plan, through ongoing assessment and updating will be the cornerstone to an even safer community.




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