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    Parking Exemptions Form

    The Town does give consideration to allow residents to park on the street for a limit of six (6) occasions (per vehicle) per year, maximum four (4) days in length. Considerations are granted for overnight guests, driveway repairs or special functions. A parking consideration only exempts the registered vehicle from the five hour parking by-law and the ban on parking between 2AM and 6AM. All other parking by-laws will remain in effect.

    Any parking exemption granted by the Town will be revoked, without notice, and becomes null and void where the parking activity interferes with snow removal or road maintenance. To prevent ticketing, applicants are required to monitor weather conditions and act in accordance with the Town’s by-laws.

    Under no circumstance are considerations granted for commercial vehicles, trailers or recreational vehicles.

    Overnight parking or five hour street parking is for Personal Vehicles only.

    Uniform Traffic Control By-law No. 84-1 prohibits on-street parking
    Daily from 2:00 a.m. - 6:00 a.m. November 15 to April 15.

    For inquiries, please contact 905-873-2601 extension 2330.



      On-Street Parking Exemptions are limited to six (6) occasions (per vehicle) per year, maximum four (4) days.

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