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    Town's Journey

    Town of Halton Hills Town Hall

    Town HallThe final chapter of the Green Plan was intentionally titled: "The Ending Marks The Beginning". This title denotes the fact that although the six month mandate of the Mayor's Green Plan Task Force has now been completed, the true work on moving Halton Hills forward towards sustainability has just begun.

    That is, Council approval of the Green Plan is just the first step on a journey towards sustainability. The metaphor of a journey towards sustainability implies that the road towards environmental leadership and sustainability has no real end. Instead, it is a continuous effort. The Green Plan also alludes to the need to consider sustainability strategies and actions that will ensure that sustainability is incorporated into the Town's everyday decision making process.

    Follow the Town's journey towards sustainability key milestones. On this sustainability path, follow the Town's journey from exploring the Town's long-standing commitment to environmental leadership as evidenced through the Town's past environmental initiatives, to the establishment of the Mayor's Green Plan Task Force in May/June 2007, to the approval of the Town's first Green Plan in June 2008, to the establishment of the Office of Sustainability, and beyond.

    In just a short time, the Town has made significant progress towards sustainability. Much more is still to come.


    What's Next?

    Much remains to be done.
    What are your suggestions?

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