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    Transportation Planning

    An Official Plan is a policy document, which is intended to serve as the basis for making land use decisions and managing change in any municipality in Ontario. According to the Planning Act, an Official Plan “shall contain goals, objectives and policies established primarily to manage and direct physical change and the effects on the social, economic and natural environment of the municipality”.

    Town of Halton Hills Official Plan (2008) provides guidance for transportation objectives which includes the following:

    1. facilitate the safe and efficient movement of people and goods within the Town’s communities and to and from adjacent municipalities;
    2. establish an integrated transportation system that safely and efficiently accommodates various modes of transportation including trains, automobiles, trucks, public transit, cycling and walking;
    3. promote public transit, cycling and walking as energy efficient, affordable and accessible forms of travel;
    4. protect transportation corridors to facilitate the development of a transportation system that is compatible with and supportive of existing and future land uses;
    5. ensure that new roads in urban development areas are constructed safely, designed in a grid-oriented street network to help distribute car and truck traffic evenly and provide access for the future operation of an efficient public transit system;
    6. ensure that appropriate right-of-way widths for all existing and proposed roads are provided in accordance with the Planning Act;
    7. encourage the use of alternative development standards for roads, where appropriate;
    8. encourage the efficient use of land along transportation corridors to maximize the use of public transit; and,
    9. restrict development on private roads.

    10. Schedule B1 of the Official Plan identifies a Functional Plan of Major Transportation Facilities. This includes classification and jurisdiction of roadways within the Town of Halton Hills.

      Transportation Studies in the Town of Halton Hills:

      Truck Strategy
      Transportation Master Plan

      Cycling Master Plan
      Armstrong Avenue Reconstruction
      Halton Hills Drive
      Vision Georgetown

      On January 24th, 2017 Town staff presented an overview of services delivered (6mb PDF) by the Engineering Divison, as well as ongoing and planned projects for 2017, to the Halton Hills Chamber of Commerce.


      Regional Transportation Studies:

      For information regarding Regional Plans, Strategies and Studies, including the Regional Transportation Master Plan (2011) and Active Transportation Master Plan, please see Halton Region.

      For information regarding Regional Environmental Assessment Projects, please see Halton Region.


      Provincial (MTO) Transportation Studies:

      GTA West Transportation Corridor Route Planning and Environmental Assessment Study

      What is it?

      • The multi-phase GTA West Transportation Corridor Route Planning Study is being undertaken by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO).
      • Aims to provide the transportation infrastructure needed to accommodate projected population and employment growth identified in the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe (2006).
      • Will offer greater connectivity between urban growth centres, enhance people and goods movement, improve commuting, and increase economic vitality.

      Environmental Assessment (EA) Study:

      • The MTO has initiated Stage 2 of the (EA) Study for the GTA West Transportation Corridor.
      • Building on the recommendations from the Stage 1 Study, the EA Study will identify the route and develop the preliminary design for a new transportation corridor within the previously identified Route Planning Study Area, including a 400-series highway, a transitway and potential goods movement priority features.
      • As part of the study, a preferred route and interchange locations will be selected and developed.

      GO Transit Kitchener Waterloo Expansion

      What is it?

      • GO Transit and CN will begin the next phase of work to complete upgrades to the Kitchener Line near Georgetown GO Station.
      • It will improve service and reliability, and protect for planned future expansion on the corridor.
      • Two-way, all day service is a long-term goal of The Big Move (2008), Metrolinx’s regional transportation plan.
      • Construction will take place from 2014 – 2016 and include expanding the McNabb Street Bridge, extending the Silver Creek culvert, constructing a retaining wall along the track, and building a third mainline track.




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