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    Feed-in-Tariff/Green Energy Requests

    Applicants for renewable energy projects proposed under the provincial FIT (Feed-in-Tariff) program requesting a municipal Council support resolution and/or the completion of other prescribed FIT forms, can submit a request to the Town. Please note that the Town has a blanket Council Support Resolution available for rooftop solar projects. Requests for the blanket Council Support Resolution must be accompanied by a completed request letter. Other project types may also be required to submit the request letter.

    Generally speaking, as shown in the below Figure, rooftop solar projects will be provided with a blanket Support Resolution. Fees may apply if additional form(s) are required.

    Ground-mounted solar projects of up to 500kW will be subject to a project-specific review against the below criteria (as applicable). If the Town’s minimum requirements are not met, a recommendation report will be prepared for Council’s consideration. If the requirements are met, the Town’s Executive Director of Planning and Chief Planning Official may issue prescribed forms. Fees for the completion of prescribed form(s) apply.

    All other green energy projects are subject to a project-specific review and a recommendation report to Council. Fees for the completion of prescribed form(s) apply.

    FIT Energy Application Process

    Proposals requiring a project-specific review may take six to eight weeks to process from the time a request is submitted and the applicable fees paid. Fees are not refundable.

    The Town’s minimum review requirements, as applicable, include:

    • Location key map.
    • Project municipal address.
    • Project legal address.
    • Description of existing building and/or land use.
    • Site Plan.
    • Before and after site photos, drawings and/or renderings.
    • Setbacks from the nearest building(s), sensitive land feature(s) and/or structure(s).
    • Project size and dimensions (e.g. land area covered).
    • Description of project and renewable generation technology used.
    • Construction schedule, and anticipated completion and decommissioning date.
    • Description and area of any vegetation that is to be removed.
    • List of all applicable municipal approvals and their status.
    • Letter of acknowledgement and support from the property owner.
    • Letter requesting a Council resolution from the applicant and/or property owner.
    • Letter of support from immediately adjacent landowners.
    • Brief company profile of applicant, owner and/or developer.
    • Project applicant, owner and/or developer contact information.
    • Project capital investment value.
    • Information on any community benefits (e.g. portion of revenue returned to the local community, in-kind contributions, local employment).
    • Delegation to Council by project applicant, owner and/or developer. Register as a Delegation ( for a Council meeting date corresponding to the Town staff report.
    • Confirmation that solar panels will use a non-reflective coating as a means of reducing glare.
    • Confirmation that the installation will not occur on a Heritage designated property, nor on properties listed in the Town’s Heritage Register ( (unless prior support has been obtained from the Heritage Halton Hills Committee).
    • Greenhouse gas emission reductions and other environmental benefits.
    • Urban design review to ensure that the project’s aesthetics are consistent with the character of the surrounding neighbourhood/uses.
    • Confirmation that no tree removal will be required (e.g. to prevent shading).
    • Confirmation of Zoning and Official Plan designations, and information on whether the project is consistent with the relevant regulations/policies.
    • Consistency with the Town’s Strategic Plan, Official Plan, Green Plan, Community Sustainability Strategy and Mayor’s Community Energy Plan.
    • Any applicable Fire Department conditions/comments.
    • Any applicable Building conditions/comments.
    • Attendance and presentation at the Development Review Committee Pre-Consultation meeting.
    • Prescribed fee(s), submitted with the complete information package.
    • Acknowledgement that any Resolution(s) granted are for the sole purpose of enabling the Applicant to receive priority points under the Independent Electricity System Operator’s Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) Program, and may not be used for the purpose of any other form of municipal approval in relation to the Application or Project or any other purpose; and
    • Acknowledgement that the project’s proponent/applicant (i) bears the entire risk of any impacts on the function of the proposed solar installation(s) arising from any development occurring on any adjacent or surrounding lands; (ii) bears the responsibility of appropriately responding to any concerns that may arise from nearby landowners; (iii) and is/are solely responsible for meeting any other requirements that may be required by any other approval authorities.
    • If requesting a Resolution confirmation and/or applicable form(s), confirmation that:
      • The Project that is being proposed is the same identical Project on the same Lands as the Project that was the subject of the original Municipal Council Support Resolution.
      • The project details, including (but not limited to) its location, size, Applicant and subject Project site landowner have not changed.
      • That the Applicant/proponent has not received any complaints/concerns from the public/adjacent landowners/agencies since the original Resolution was considered.
      • Confirmation that all parties involved in the original proposal (e.g. applicant, developer, landowner of the proposed site) remain the same.
      • Confirmation that the applicant/proponent will continue to fulfill any conditions previously agreed to with the Town (e.g. host a public information session).
      • Any other information that the Town may require for a complete assessment.
    For an overview of the Town’s process for the review of FIT/green energy projects, please see Report PI-2015-0022.

    For additional information, please contact:  
    Gabriel Clarke
    Mgr,Sustainability&Climate Ch
    Town of Halton Hills
    1 Halton Hills Drive
    Halton Hills ON L7G 5G2
    Email: Gabriel Clarke
    Phone: 905-873-2601 ext. 2256


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