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    ActiVan Accessible Transit

    Seniors sitting in a room.

    The Town of Halton Hills ActiVan service is a specialized transportation service intended for seniors age 65 and older, and persons with disabilities residing within Halton Hills.

    The service is provided  Monday to Friday, 7:30a.m. to 6:00p.m.; and Saturday and Sunday 8:00a.m. to 2:00p.m. ActiVan does not run on statutory holidays

    Please read the Activan Transportation Service Pamphlet

    Please call 905-702-6435 to book a Trip



    Seniors age 65 or older

    • Complete the seniors application form
    • Include a photocopy of your birth certificate, passport or license (proof of age)

    All information provided will remain strictly confidential.


    Persons with disabilities

    • Complete the persons with disability application form
    • Sections D through F of the application for ActiVan service must be completed by a certified medical practitioner and will be reviewed for approval

    All information provided will remain strictly confidential

    Send application by mail to:
    Town of Halton Hills Transportation and Public Works
    RE: ActiVan
    1 Halton Hills Drive
    Halton Hills, ON L7G 5G2
    Email: Email us
    Fax: 905-873-8192

    Once registered, you will be mailed an ActiVan registration card. This card is needed during ActiVan transportation and when purchasing ActiVan or Taxi Scrip tickets.

    Need help with the cost of getting to and from work, school or appointments? The SPLIT pass subsidizes the cost of ActiVan and Taxi Scrip coupons for low income students, adults and seniors, in Halton Hills.

    The passes are available for anyone who qualifies including individuals who receive assistance from Ontario Works, Ontario Disability Support Program for private and government sponsored refugees.

    • To determine if you are eligible for the program dial 311 or visit
    • To apply you must have your most recent Notice of Assessment (from your taxes)
    • If you are a student you must also have a valid student card
    • If you are a senior you must have proof of age to determine eligibility for the seniors fare
    • If you are a sponsored refugee, you must be able to verify your immigration status
    • SPLIT passes subsidize 50 per cent of the cost of user fares for both ActiVan and Youth Taxi Scrip registrants
    • Pre-determined coupon allocations apply monthly
    • You will be assessed annually for your eligibility by the Region of Halton


    Booking ActiVan

    How do I book a ride with ActiVan?

    ActiVan booking offices operate five days a week;  Monday to Friday, 7:30a.m. to 6:00p.m.; and Saturday and Sunday 8:00a.m. to 2:00p.m. ActiVan does not run on statutory holidays

    Bookings must be completed 48 hours prior to travel to ensure a scheduled pickup time. Trips may be booked as early as two weeks in advance.

    Please call 905-702-6435 to book a Trip



    Have the following details ready when booking:

    • The exact date and time you wish to travel; both pick-up and return
    • The exact address of your destination
    • Number of companions travelling with you. ActiVan Services allows one caregiver free of charge for travel to aid the registered rider and complies with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA)
    • The type of mobility aid(s) you currently use (e.g. a walker)

    Rides booked in advance are guaranteed, however your pickup window may change due to vehicle availability.
    Clients are able to travel anywhere within Halton Hills during service hours, Monday to Friday 7:30a.m. to 6:00p.m.; and Saturday and Sunday 8:00a.m. to 2:00p.m.

    How do I book a subscription ride or recurring trip?

    A subscription ride is a recurring trip that you take on a regular basis (for example: to school, work or other recurring event). Call to arrange automated bookings for subscription rides.
    Note: subscription rides are all cancelled during statutory holidays

    What if I require a same day trip?

    To request or change a same day trip, please call ActiVan during office hours. These trips are subject to availability and are not guaranteed. Clients will receive a confirmation call if their ride can be accommodated.

    If you require spontaneous travel, all ActiVan clients are eligible for the Taxi Scrip program.

    What if I want to travel outside of Halton Hills?

    You can travel beyond Halton Hills borders and continue your trip with any Halton Hills ActiVan participating taxi service. The participating taxi company will bring you to the border of Halton Hills. Once the driver reaches the Town's boundary, the driver will then turn the meter on and charge you the full rate of travel from the border of Halton Hills until you reach your destination. Please consult our website or call us for more information about out of boundary trips.


    Tickets and Fares

    Fares and Payments

    • Monday to Friday = one ticket each way (equivalent to $3) between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
    • Monday to Friday After hours (between 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.) = one ticket + $1 each way (equivalent to $4)
    • Weekends = one ticket + $1 each way (equivalent to $4)

    All clients are responsible for maintaining their ActiVan accounts and ensuring they are appropriately funded.

    *No show and late cancellations (three hours prior to travel) will be marked as an unpaid trip. You will be responsible for repayment to maintain an up-to-date account balance. Owing balances can be made to a driver on your next scheduled trip with ActiVan Services.

    Customers with repeated “no-show” violations (more than three in one month) will have their eligibility privileges reviewed, which may result in a suspension of services. If you are late for your ride, call the booking office, however it may take up to three hours for another ride to arrive

    Ticket Purchase Locations:

    Town of Halton Hills Civic Centre (Corporate Services)
    1 Halton Hills Drive, Halton Hills

    Halton Hills Active Living Centre
    416 Queen Street East, Acton location
    318 Guelph Street East, Georgetown location

    Halton Hills Public Library
    17 River Street, Acton branch
    9 Church Street, Georgetown branch
    Visit  for hours of operation

    Robert C Austin Operations Centre
    11620 Trafalgar Road, Halton Hills

    47 Mill Street East, Acton

    Georgetown Marketplace - Fred’s Lotto
    280 Guelph Street, Georgetown (ticket kiosk)

    Gellert Community Centre
    10241 Eighth Line, Georgetown


    Travelling with ActiVan

    Preparing for your ride

    • Your pickup window is a 20 minute time frame in which your ActiVan vehicle will arrive. The ActiVan may arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled pick up time or may arrive up to 10 minutes after your scheduled pick up time
    • Customers must be ready and waiting for their pick-up 10 minutes prior to their scheduled pickup time at the nearest accessible entrance
    • Your ride may arrive at any time during the pickup window, please be prepared to wait up to 20 minutes
    • Rides are not considered late until 10 minutes after your scheduled pickup time
    • Be waiting in an area in which you are visible to our drivers and are able to watch for them to arrive

    Important note:  ActiVan aims to accommodate as many clients as possible. As a result, you may be on a vehicle for up to 90 minutes. This time may increase if you are travelling a long distance, during peak hours or during inclement weather. Bring medication and other necessities for your trip in case of delays.

    During travel

    • Drivers are not required to call your apartment, knock on your door or ring your doorbell
    • When you arrive at your destination, the driver will help you off the vehicle and escort you to the nearest accessible door (but not inside)
    • For your return trip, wait at the same location as your initial drop off (unless instructed otherwise)

    Inclement weather policy

    During inclement weather, a delay or cancellation of the ActiVan service may be necessary. Up-to-date information regarding trip delays or cancellations will be posted on the Town of Halton Hills website In addition; clients may call 905-702-6435 for further information.

    Passenger Charter

    As a passenger, you can expect to:

    • Be transported in a safe manner and travel in a clean and well-maintained vehicle by an operator who practices appropriate personal hygiene
    • Be treated with courtesy and respect
    • Have your calls answered promptly and courteously
    • Be picked up on time within the scheduled pickup window
    • Be transported to a safe place if delivery to your original destination is not possible
    • Be taken to the first accessible door of your final destination, but not inside
    • Expect service that is compliant with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)

    The responsibilities of a passenger are to:

    • Pay the appropriate fare for the service provided
    • Follow the User Guide and Emergency User Guide and Policies Preparedness procedures
    • Wear a seatbelt at all times
    • Be courteous and considerate of other passengers, drivers and customer service agents
    • Practice appropriate personal hygiene
    • Be ready during your pick-up window
    • Use ActiVan Services responsibly to ensure that the service is available to everyone

    Important rules and safety tips when riding with ActiVan

    • There is a No Scent Policy on all ActiVan vehicles. Please do not wear perfume or cologne
    • For your safety, if travelling in a scooter, you will be required to transfer from your scooter to a seat
    • A seatbelt is to be worn at all times
    • Tell the driver if you feel ill or uncomfortable
    • There is a maximum four bag limit which must be carried by yourself or your support person. Shopping bags cannot be left on board vehicles between trips
    • Drivers are not required to carry groceries or parcels; groceries or parcels must be carried by yourself or your support person
    • You should note the building closing times to ensure you have shelter in case of delays or poor weather
    • Be aware that drivers will not lift or carry clients or mobility aids
    • Driveways, pathways and stairs must be clear of snow and ice for the safety of the clients and the driver
    • Drivers are not permitted to enter a client’s place of residence
    • Drivers cannot make unscheduled stops
    • Wheelchairs and scooters are required to have functioning brakes



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